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I'm just a guy from Sweden who seems to like monster girls too much lol. I just post anything art related here. Mostly spending time on my Twitter. (Now don't expect me drawing very often, cuz I rarely do)

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Posted by 7ameZ - March 25th, 2019

I've been planning on a few things lately.

I've been wanting to draw digitally again, but since my Surface Pen broke, I need to spend 889kr (~$95.00 or something) and I need to get a smudge glove (Yea my computer is a Surface Pro 4.)

But there is something that I really want to try.

I actually made a speedpaint before, but that was it. Only one speedpaint made. So I've been thinking about making more. Not only that, but even livestream. I can at times be very talkative, and I would really like to have a conversation with people (in chat). But I do feel like I need more than 1 monitor tho. Since I draw via the screen, I can't see much of the chat (I mean, I need to otherwise go back and forth just to see what people have been writing.). Also I've never livestreamed before, so I need to do some practices first.

Anyway. I hope that I can give this a try when I get the chance. If you want to check if I ever uploaded one (Or just want to see my other dumpsters), then check my channel out. :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsfatpIEtPyaeOx-7jH6mMw?view_as=subscriber

See ya soon! :)

Bazinga *laugh track*

Posted by 7ameZ - February 24th, 2018


My name is Jacob Steinberg, and I'm a 17 year old pixel artist dork from Sweden.

I'm not like a "big expert" in pixel art, I still have time to learn and improve my art.


I don't remember exactly when I started to do like "proper" art. I at least started with pixel art in like around 2014/2015. I always loved playing on my SNES when I was growing up, and I wanted to draw pixel art too (Yes... I'm a retro gamer). When I started, I mostly redrawn existing pixel arts and sprites (I did even upload them on my old Twitter, but I had no idea that what I was doing was actually wrong. At least the ones I did wasn't even good). When I redrew sprites for a while, I got more and more used to it. So, then I started do similar to what I did before, except changed the colour palettes on them (And yes, I uploaded them as well. Good thing that I stopped uploading redrawn arts to my Twitter).

Then around 2016, I started to become more original with my art. At the same time, I started to draw traditional art (Y'know, drawing on a piece of paper), specially anime, cuz during the time, I started to watch anime. I haven't really drawn that much in my sketch book that I bought this year, cuz I'm drawing on my computer more often.

There is nothing much about my life that I can tell, but my whole life isn't really anything interesting anyway.


Even if I mostly draw, I've always wanted to try making an animation. Well yea, I've made a few GIFs on my Twitter, but I mean like, a fully animated video. Doesn't matter if it is in pixels or in a drawing program thing. Not only animation, but even game developing and music. I basically want to try new things. I want to challenge myself to try new things that I can't.


I have nothing else, so I'm going to throw in some small facts for y'all.


Favourite (Music to listen to):

  • Genre(s): Metal, Rock, Soundtracks, Eurobeat, Dubstep (Guilty pleasure).
  • Band(s): Examples: Metallica, Iron Maiden, coldrain, Linkin Park.
  • Song(s): Ex: The Snake - Speed of Light, Metallica - Here Comes Revenge, coldrain - Persona (& more)


Favourite (Things to do/watch):

  • Drawing
  • Video games (Mostly a console gamer. Have an issue with my right arm due to me using the computer mouse a lot. Planning to buy a vertical mouse. Yes, that is a thing.)
  • Movies, TV-series, Cartoons/Animations, Anime.


Well, that's everything I have to say. The last thing I have to say is that I may be mostly often on my Twitter posting updates and art, so check my Twitter: https://twitter.com/JameS_Ztein


I have nothing else to say now, so... See y'all soon! :)