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I'm just a guy from Sweden who seems to like monster girls too much lol. I just post anything art related here. Mostly spending time on my Twitter. (Now don't expect me drawing very often, cuz I rarely do)

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Posted by 7ameZ - April 11th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting anything despite promising to. For those who are wondering where I've been, I've had an issue with my computer charger, and I didn't bother to buy a new one cuz of how terrible the 3rd party Surface Pro 4 chargers are, and how much they cost for a charger that gets broken after a few months (I've now had like 4 or 5 chargers, and I'm tired of buying a another one).

So I've just been on Twitter and posted art there cuz I can't post art on Newgrounds from my phone. I will hopefully post more here if I do decide to get a new charger anyway, but for now on, I will mostly be on Twitter (I'm not really that much active here other than posting art).

Also a quick thing. I honestly thought that I couldn't post blog posts from my phone, which is why it took a long while for me to tell you all of this.

I'll hopefully be back with more art here!

7ameZ_Stein 💜


Posted by 7ameZ - September 18th, 2019

On Twitter I have Tweeted a few times about something called Fallen, which is a project that I want to make that features for example Oppi in it. Like it mentions in one of the pictures, There's no heaven or hell, but there's only Fallen, which is basically if the afterlife had a world like ours, but for the dead.

I want this project to be a mod for Doom II (since I originally wanted it to be a mod for Quake, thinking about changing it to Quake II, but I'm more familiar with Doom Builder and Doom 64 Builder and idk if I would make a mod for something like Quake), and have Oppi to be like a companion for you (Thinking like Kazooie from Banjo Kazooie, but instead she punches the enemies while you're shooting them).

I don't want to make the game like heavily based on religious and specific mythologies, otherwise people would find Fallen to be a big Doom knockoff. I mean in Doom Eternal, Heaven is now a thing in the Doom franchise (at least some levels that takes place there), and that's why I don't want to make the whole "3 worlds" cliché (heaven, earth and hell) and make a more unique world instead. But there are going to be a few references to these in the universe, like Greece and Norse mythology for example and even religion. But not in depth, that's Doom's job.

I'm currently working on each part of Fallen's world, and so far I made 3 (Going to update if I come up with more today).




I honestly would like to see some opinions about this, about what I should change and what I should work on more.


Posted by 7ameZ - September 15th, 2019


Now I didn't mention this last week (since I couldn't write a blog on the mobile version of this site), but I was on vacation to Rhodes the whole week (I'm back in Sweden now tho), and I did bring my computer thinking that I would draw something while I was there..... Well y'know me, I didn't draw anything, heck I didn't even open the bag for the computer lol. I kinda did draw something, but it was on my phone and I didn't save it. I mean it was just a recreation of the Linkin Park logo drawn with an almost sensitive pen. This is why I prefer Piskel on my computer lol.

I'm thinking about drawing something soon enough tho (and by "soon enough", I mean "when I have the feel to draw something"), but I don't know what tho. Maybe my friend Jinners' Thirteen or Brian Molinet's Mint. I know that I still have the third wave for the "Draw 9 mutuals thing", but hopefully it's not Half Life 3 bad. I just currently don't have the feel to draw them despite how simple they are.

Posted by 7ameZ - March 25th, 2019

I've been planning on a few things lately.

I've been wanting to draw digitally again, but since my Surface Pen broke, I need to spend 889kr (~$95.00 or something) and I need to get a smudge glove (Yea my computer is a Surface Pro 4.)

But there is something that I really want to try.

I actually made a speedpaint before, but that was it. Only one speedpaint made. So I've been thinking about making more. Not only that, but even livestream. I can at times be very talkative, and I would really like to have a conversation with people (in chat). But I do feel like I need more than 1 monitor tho. Since I draw via the screen, I can't see much of the chat (I mean, I need to otherwise go back and forth just to see what people have been writing.). Also I've never livestreamed before, so I need to do some practices first.

Anyway. I hope that I can give this a try when I get the chance. If you want to check if I ever uploaded one (Or just want to see my other dumpsters), then check my channel out. :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsfatpIEtPyaeOx-7jH6mMw?view_as=subscriber

See ya soon! :)

Bazinga *laugh track*

Posted by 7ameZ - February 24th, 2018


My name is Jacob Steinberg, and I'm a 17 year old pixel artist dork from Sweden.

I'm not like a "big expert" in pixel art, I still have time to learn and improve my art.


I don't remember exactly when I started to do like "proper" art. I at least started with pixel art in like around 2014/2015. I always loved playing on my SNES when I was growing up, and I wanted to draw pixel art too (Yes... I'm a retro gamer). When I started, I mostly redrawn existing pixel arts and sprites (I did even upload them on my old Twitter, but I had no idea that what I was doing was actually wrong. At least the ones I did wasn't even good). When I redrew sprites for a while, I got more and more used to it. So, then I started do similar to what I did before, except changed the colour palettes on them (And yes, I uploaded them as well. Good thing that I stopped uploading redrawn arts to my Twitter).

Then around 2016, I started to become more original with my art. At the same time, I started to draw traditional art (Y'know, drawing on a piece of paper), specially anime, cuz during the time, I started to watch anime. I haven't really drawn that much in my sketch book that I bought this year, cuz I'm drawing on my computer more often.

There is nothing much about my life that I can tell, but my whole life isn't really anything interesting anyway.


Even if I mostly draw, I've always wanted to try making an animation. Well yea, I've made a few GIFs on my Twitter, but I mean like, a fully animated video. Doesn't matter if it is in pixels or in a drawing program thing. Not only animation, but even game developing and music. I basically want to try new things. I want to challenge myself to try new things that I can't.


I have nothing else, so I'm going to throw in some small facts for y'all.


Favourite (Music to listen to):

  • Genre(s): Metal, Rock, Soundtracks, Eurobeat, Dubstep (Guilty pleasure).
  • Band(s): Examples: Metallica, Iron Maiden, coldrain, Linkin Park.
  • Song(s): Ex: The Snake - Speed of Light, Metallica - Here Comes Revenge, coldrain - Persona (& more)


Favourite (Things to do/watch):

  • Drawing
  • Video games (Mostly a console gamer. Have an issue with my right arm due to me using the computer mouse a lot. Planning to buy a vertical mouse. Yes, that is a thing.)
  • Movies, TV-series, Cartoons/Animations, Anime.


Well, that's everything I have to say. The last thing I have to say is that I may be mostly often on my Twitter posting updates and art, so check my Twitter: https://twitter.com/JameS_Ztein


I have nothing else to say now, so... See y'all soon! :)